Grape Seed Extract-V

Douglas Labs

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Grape Seed Extract-V supplies 100 mg of standardized grape seed extract in a vegetarian capsule to provide polyphenol bioflavonoids for support of vascular elasticity and connective tissue.†

Polyphenols, part of a broad class of bioflavonoids, are commonly found in grape seeds. One type of polyphenols known as proanthocyanidins are highly regarded for their strong antioxidant properties, and for their functions in supporting the body’s connective tissues and capillary blood vessel system.

Proanthocyanidins are among the most powerful natural free-radical scavengers yet discovered. As such, proanthocyanidins have their own unique place in the body’s overall protection against harmful free radical damage. Proanthocyanidins appear to be especially effective in neutralizing highly reactive hydroxyl and singlet oxygen radicals. Both of these reactive oxygen species are involved in inflammatory processes.

Proanthocyanidins also support and enhance the activity of vitamin C, and are known for their ability to help support the health of the body's capillary system and connective tissues. Proanthocyanidins have been shown to bind with collagen fibers, thereby protecting them from premature degradation. This helps maintain the natural elasticity of collagen in skin, joints, arteries, capillaries, and other connective tissues.

Grape Seed Extract-V may be a useful dietary adjunct for individuals wishing to supplement their diet with polyphenols to support the vascular system.

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