Biblical Health Principles

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Overview of Dietary Health Principles: Part 1

The Dietary Essentials of Optimum Health, Immunity and Longevity  

"Flesh foods are not the best nourishment for human beings and were not the food of our primitive ancestors. There is nothing necessary or desirable for human nutrition to be found in meats or flesh foods which is not found in and derived from plant foods". Dr. J. H. Kellogg, 1852-1943

Everyone believes in healing to some degree whether it is from their doctor’s arsenal of drugs or divine intervention. The same thing can be said of health, except that everyone seems to have a wide variety of “beliefs” about exactly what it is and how to achieve it. One thing is for certain, vibrant health is achievable! What everyone wants to know is how to get it and keep it.

There are so many books written on this subject and most of them that I have read are nonsensical at best and I’m certain that you have had similar experiences in trying different “proven” diets & pills that ultimately left you in the same condition as before your proclaimed “success” and excellent testimonial.

Even though former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, MD, said that dietary and lifestyle modification can prevent 1.6 million of the 2.1 million deaths that occur each year in the United States [1] most medical doctors turn a blind-eye to those facts. If we can’t look to our supposed “health authorities” then who can we trust? I would like for you to view, with an open mind, what was written about 3500 years before “medical science” was even discovered and has been verified time and time again through valid research, but just kept hidden from you…for a reason?

I believe, as others do, that medicine “is not a science or even an art, [except surgery and diagnostics], keep in mind that many of your doctor’s arsenal of treatments don’t work—indeed, have never been proven to work, let alone to be safe. It is a false science, built upon conjuring tricks, supposition, and blind preconception, whose so-called scientific method is a vast amount of stumbling in the dark…a good deal of what we regard as standard medical practice today amounts to little more than twentieth-century voodoo.” [2]

This being the truth to many, I ask that you please open your mind and let your Spirit, if you believe that way, or just let your intellect, absorb this information or perhaps revelation, for the sake of your health. Just remember, I am not promoting a salvation diet or concept, but rather principles that are sound, well documented in the literature, work well clinically, and affirmed by me and my family. I don't remember any cheers though when I informed everyone of our new Vegan adventure!

Vegetarianism or doing the Vegan diet thing is not what most people want to hear, yet most studies support the fact that not eating meat or meat products results in a healthier condition. This is an old farm boy writing this and it certainly was not how I was raised nor was it how I was taught to eat or liked to eat, but after 29 years of research including 28 years of practicing applied clinical nutrition, I have come the conclusion that intelligent vegetarians live longer and healthier than carnivores or omnivores! The evidence is overwhelming! But, just throwing away the meat and eating just the GMO'd corn and potatoes while sipping on a soda or iced tea and taking vitamins will probably make you sick too!


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