Dr Winston Morrow

Winston G. Morrow, (Retired) previously practiced as a PHD, DC, BCIM, DAAIM, FAAIM, with over 38 years of research, formulation and experience in applied clinical nutrition and was on the senior editorial board of Harvard Medical Schools/Natural Standard-The Authority in Alternative, Integrative and Complementary Medicine for over 15 years. He was also on the senior editorial board of Natural Medicine's comprehensive database for a while before retiring. And also contributed to the Douglas Labs E-Advisory Board.

Dr. Morrow is a past member of The American Holistic Medical Association and a past member of the American Botanical Council. He was also Board Certified in Integrative Medicine as well as becoming a Diplomate of the American Association of Integrative Medicine and was recently nominated as a “Fellow” to the AAIM in recognition for his professional qualifications and contributions to the field of integrative medicine. Dr. Morrow was also certified by the American Academy of Pain Management with a Masters Certification in the American Medical Association’s Permanent Impairment Examination and Credible Medical Fact Finding.

Dr. Morrow was also certified by the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians, AMA guides, and by the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture in Orthopedic Acupuncture. He was also certified by the American Red Cross as an Industrial Back and Facility Safety Instructor.

Although he no longer practices Chiropractic, he still lectures and teaches his own Non-Chiropractic technique called Kinesiodynamics, which focuses on proprioceptive deficits due to ligamentous laxity and faulty muscle/tendon receptors that results in aberrant motor (muscle) control/function. In other words, like a computer, garbage in means garbage out! “Turning muscles on” simply means correcting aberrant input to the brain which results in the brain perceiving input appropriately so it can coordinate proper muscle function. No adjustment required, just muscle origin and insertion work as well as removing contractions (knots) in the muscle proper by stretching and deep tissue goading.

Dr. Morrow completed a very intensive course in Blood Banking at the Yakima Regional Blood Bank and received his training in clinical chemistry and hematology at Kadlec Methodist Hospital primarily working in the ER and NICU. He also spent time at the Hospital Ernesto Contreras, now called the Oasis of Hope, in Tijuana, Mexico, a world leader in alternative cancer treatment, teaching and applying nutritional concepts. His practice as a Chiropractic Family Physician included minor surgery, Proctology, Ob/Gyn, Urology, Pediatrics, and Geriatrics.

His pre-medical adventure began as a radioisotope chemical analyst working for Isochem at the Hanford Atomic Energy facilities in Richland, Washington. Due to a radiation over-exposure event, he was transferred to Battelle Northwest Laboratories. This was the impetus that stimulated the research side of his brain. Working with Dr. Elias Tombropoulos in the field of lung lipid research gave him an opportunity to explore the marvels of intracellular biochemistry.

“Incorporation of Palmitate into Lipid by Lung Subcellular Fractions”, BNWL-714, pp. 3.60-3.63 1968.

“Effects of X-Radiation on Lipid Synthesis by Lung Tissue”, BNWL-714, pp. 3.34-3.35 1968.

Dr. Morrow developed a new principle in aerosol physics that permitted the generation of respirable asbestos particles so that “statistically valid” inhalation research studies, in animals, could be performed. This significant breakthrough led to the eventual establishment of health safety standards for the asbestos industry.

“The Generation and Characterization of a Respirable Aerosol of Chrysotile Asbestos for Chronic Inhalation Studies”, D.K. Craig, W.G. Morrow, A.P. Wehner, American Industrial Hygiene Assoc. Journal, May, 1972, pp. 283-292.

Previous attempts at introducing liquids into rodent lungs failed because all of them “drowned”, but Dr. Morrow discovered that the clearance time for lungs is very rapid and that the deaths were not associated with “drowning”, but with the anesthetic used. Using the very short life inhalant Halothane and creating a rapid methodology for the instillation of liquid into rodent lungs dramatically influenced the ability to introduce very precise amounts of radioactive lung burdens when compared to inhalation.

“A Method for Intratracheal Instillation in the Rat”, W.G. Morrow, Laboratory Animal Science, Vol. 25 (3), 1975, pp. 337-340. This remains the method of choice for introducing a precise lung burden.

Ballou JE, Dagle GE, Morrow WG. The long-term effects of intratracheally instilled 253escl3 in rats. Health Phys. 1975 Aug;29(2):267–272.

Dr. Morrow continued to work with Dr’s J.E. Ballou, D.K. Craig, A.P. Wehner and G.E. Dagle.

“On the Metabolic Equivalence of Ingested, Injected and Inhaled, Pu2 3 9 Citrate.”, J.E. Ballou, J.F. Park, W.G. Morrow, Health Physics Vol.22, pp. 857-862, 1972.

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“Histopathologic Effects of Inhaled Pu Citrate and Pu Nitrate in Dogs”, ibid., pp. 47-48 (1973) and many other research projects.

Dr. Morrow was the last recipient of the coveted Atomic Energy Commission Achievement Award/Scholarship due in part to his research and innovation in the field of radiation biology and inhalation toxicology.

Dr. Morrow is also an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with ministerial charge and spent 1 year preaching in Mexico, praying for the sick and teaching in impoverished schools.

His research with Spinal Dynamics, Inc., focused on post-surgical rehabilitation and seating physiology. He developed the bilateral neuromuscular coordination and pelvic stabilization series of exercises to strengthen, coordinate and stabilize the spinal motor-units for bilateral muscular symmetry.

His pelvic support method and means (U.S. Patent # 4,489,982), was the first major change in seating physiology in over 100 years, replacing the previous lumbar support concept. This new concept revolutionized the industry standards, proving that supporting the lumbar spine did not prevent posterior tilting of the pelvis and the superincumbent spinal stresses that cost billions of dollars per year in lost time from work. Every chair that you see today without a space between the back support and the seat pan is a spin-off of the Morrow Chair patent as are the “new” ergonometric concepts of having the femurs point downward to reduce the pulling of the hamstrings on the pelvis and raising the height of the work table.​

Dr. Morrow also developed and patented the Cervical Support Method and Means marketed as the standard for physiologic supine cervical spine passive therapy (U.S. Patent 4,494,261). He developed and patented the Physiologic Support System Method and Means, a hip-femur complex support used in conjunction with a supine pelvic support and cervical support resulting in the Physiologic Rest Position – a supine position where all the muscles become electromyographically silent (U.S. Patent 4,502,170).​

Since there is no retirement program in the Bible, Dr. Morrow decided to dedicate the rest of his life sharing God's Biblical Health Principles. is Dr. Morrow’s personal web-site dedicated to providing God-based and scientifically supported health concepts/practices from mainstream medicine to holistic principles in a “not for profit” format utilizing only the highest quality professional-grade supplements for his followers and friends. Dr. Morrow understands the significance of contaminants allowed in food grade products and their negative impact on environmentally sensitive individuals and persons with propensities toward allergic triggers and inflammatory reactions. The essentials for optimum cellular health are addressed along with the best dietary concepts to promote optimum physical and mental health that promote systemic health and longevity by stimulating the body’s “built-in” healing mechanisms. To this end God’s Healing Principles is dedicated!

Dr. Winston Morrow spent 3 years in the Army as a guided missile and nuclear warhead specialist and during that time represented the Army as a swimmer, breaking an unofficial World record in the 200 freestyle and also placed 2nd runner-up in the Army pistol championships. He earned numerous “Black-belts” in Shudokan Karate, Diato-ryu Aiki Jutsu, Aikido and taught soldiers, state police and other law enforcement personnel self-defense and situation awareness.

Dr. Morrow has raised 9 children, has 13 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. Due to a very serious auto accident he now has limited physical abilities and focuses primarily on "self-healing" through sound nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle concepts. He is constantly busy trying to finish 3 books dedicated to educating people on exactly how the “built-in” mechanisms that allow us to heal ourselves work. He enjoys teaching and explaining how these intricate mechanisms work when they do less of what promotes and accelerates cellular death and more of what slows down the process of cellular death and DNA programmed senescence, which can result in dramatic changes in physical and mental health. He still is happy to give his time to the impoverish sick and diseased who would like to enjoy, once again, optimum and/or Divine health.

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