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Gods’ longevity promise: “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh: yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” Genesis 6:3. This does NOT mean that we all will live to be 120 years old, but rather that is the upper limit of “cellular time clock” mechanisms of replicative senescence and cellular death. Senescence is the genetically controlled series and sequence of events that occur within the cell from the beginning of metabolic activity, cell life, to the point where it is no longer capable of metabolic function, cellular death. The internal mechanisms of cellular destruction for “unhealthy” cells along with their maintenance and repair is understood. Disease begins with the death or dying of a portion of cells and when the number of cells that are no longer able to metabolize reaches critical proportions, physical death follows.

William R. Clark, Professor Emeritus of Immunology at UCLA opines our life-span to be 122 years pointing out that aging demonstrates that both skeletal and muscle mass decrease, significantly, after the age of fifty, we become “wizened and gray”, the brain size decreases by 10% along with immunity and a decrease in T-cell responses, increased autoimmunity problems, increased cancer susceptibility, diminished organ physiology and function with a gradual decrease in metabolic rate after the age of thirty.

Dr. Leonard Hayflick, a scientist at the University of California and author of the book, How And Why We Age, affirms life-span approximates 115-120 years of human life. Coincidence? Scientists agree that we have the potential to live a 120 years, so why do we die prematurely with a 30-50% decrease in longevity or grow old sickly with poor quality of life?

Our first consideration should be His dietary principles. What to eat and what not to eat. The second consideration is our gluttonous dietary life-style and its impact on health, degenerative disease and “premature death”. The third consideration is the negative impact that vaccinations, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and environmental toxin consumption have on our minds and body. EAT LESS, BUT WISELY…Calorie restricted diets results in the prevention of or decreased tumor incidence, increased immune response, decreased cardiovascular disease, decreased total body fat and significantly increased life span.

More than 35% of U.S. adults are obese and it affects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States, which is three times the prevalence from just one generation ago. The health consequences are heart disease, hypertension, osteoarthritis, back and joint pain, diabetes mellitus (Type II), stroke, kidney failure, cancer, especially colorectal and breast, and premature death. No socioeconomic, behavioral, cultural or environmental indices, predicts unnecessary fatalities as accurately as obesity. Every biblical reference to gluttony is associated with drinking or alcoholism, stubbornness or rebellion. Over indulgence in foods may be a more PC term to use, but the end result of poor self-control is the same, obesity, lethargy, sickness and early death. No other health issue is avoided, swept-under the table, disguised, misrepresented or pandered like obesity.

Dietary, environmental and genetic factors, as well as lifestyle, certainly contribute to our physical appearance and well-being and these factors can affect the pigmentation, elasticity, hydration, thickness and dullness of hair, skin and nails. Outward appearance can be a reflection of our internal cellular and metabolic health. Dietary supplementation with specific, scientifically studied nutrients can help to support our appearance as we age. Beauty and health can be achieved by preserving youthful appearance or slowing down the damaged time-clock. Here is how to stay young as long as possible. Eat a well-balanced, low calorie alkaline Vegan diet high in essential fats and antioxidants, but relatively low in protein…laugh a lot…stop worrying…exercise often and wisely…thanking God continuously!  

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